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Zenput Mobile Dash

Zenput Mobile is all about getting work done. Here people are able to get an overview of what tasks they have as well as the ability to find forms such as audits, inspections, and ad-hoc scenarios such as incident reports. We rethought everything when it came to mobile focusing on bringing the best experience for all of our users.


The Problem

As the product grew so did peoples needs. What was once a place for people to complete work expanded to a way for managers to manage their locations on the go. This need left a hole in the product when it came to tracking work via mobile. We had to rethink our mobile experience to offer these insights in a meaningful way to better suit all of our users needs.

The Solution

Rethinking our mobile solution started at one place, our users. We interviewed and spoke users at every level to understand just exactly what their needs where. What we found was this at a base level we found that people needed to track work, analyze work completed, Identify trends within their teams, and of course the ability to complete work created. After weeks of iterations and prototyping, We landed on a new mobile experience focused on exactly that.

Project Role

Lead Product Designer

  • User Research
  • Visual Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Prototyping

Team Tab

Zenput has a wide user base that can be simplified into two buckets Managers and Submitters. Managers can be broken down into individuals who manage both people and teams whiter it be geographical or divisional. These are our users who needed to have insights bubbled up to them so they can manage on the go. The Team tab provides just that a quick easy way to get a quick overview on your team as a whole and at the individual level. This also allowed for users to easily drill down into their teams to get a deeper insight into team performance.

Summary Tab

The Summary tab provides a deeper look into the respected team. This screen gives insights such as week over week completion rates, project statuses, top triggers allowing you to find trends in stores, and most frequently answered no’s in forms. This screen is all about data and being able to identify problems to course correct.

Tasks Tab

Our Task tab got an update making it much more clear as to where tasks sat in their life cycle. Here you can see what work is overdue, what work is work is available today, and what work is upcoming. additionally, we provided a quick way to identify the task type. This view helped users stay on top of their day by providing a full view of all operations needed to be done at the store.

Recurring Tab

The Recurring Tab is an entirely new concept that we brought to the digital world. We spent weeks of research to get it just right. Competing with products like Redbook and other pen and paper tools that are traditionally used in our markets we focused on making sure that we delivered a product that not only was informational but actionable and historical. 

Feed Tab

The Feed tab is a log of all activity done within a team or location. This screen allows you to have a detailed overview of what was done within a given team as well as its state and access to submissions themselves to review.