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Zenput Mobile Dash


The Problem

One of the major areas of focus since joining Zenput has been to improve data visibility. For years Zenput operated with a Web dashboard that was not to parity with other software. It was primarily used as a way to jump into form submissions and that was about it. We knew that this was not acceptable and made it our goal to ensure we brought the best insights to our users by rebuilding the dashboard.

The Solution

Like any change we make we started with research. We spent hours looking into what users need as well as how they currently used our platform. What we delivered was a fully functioning dashboard that gave them top-level data allowing them to bubble up problems and allowing them to dive deeper into the issues they found. We created cards that we found brought the most value to our customers and placed them right in the dashboard. Additionally, we added the ability to change teams from the top level as well as a new more understandable navigation.

Project Role

Lead Product Designer

  • User Research
  • Visual Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Prototyping