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The Challenge

Stayful Users are having a hard time understanding the platform for its entirety.  At the Moment users come to the app one of two ways organically and through hotel partners. Organic users would only associate the app as a booking platform and hotel partner users would only associate the app as a checking in/out and concierge service. Both sets of users had a difficult time navigating through the app causing confusion and frustration. The goal was to Increase usability and help Stayful users better understand the platform.

The Solution

The first step was to run user testing to identify where the app fell short in usability and in delivering its value proposition. Through  user testing I was able to identify weak points within the app when it came to usability. The main change was to move from a hamburger menu to a global navigation which enabled users to have a better understanding of the app in its entirety.

Key Findings

Scenario 1: Arrivals List Users 

  1. Users from arrivals list think the app only handles the check-in checkout process as well as basic concierge.
  2. Users from arrivals list fail to find the search page.
  3. Users were frustrated they couldn’t navigate back to Stan screen easily when they would navigate out.
  4. Users said they would rebook Stayful.

Scenario 2: Organic Users

  1. Users from organic sign ups think Stayful only handles hotel bookings and find no real difference in the platform.
  2. Users were frustrated that they would have to start a new search every time they wanted to go back within a search.
  3. Concierge icon looks like a help icon.
  4. App feels outdated.

Organic Users

Hotel Partner Users

Global Navigation

User Journey


Navigation Test Findings

  1. We found that users had an easier time navigating and a more enjoyable experience. This has resulted in users understanding what Stayful is and how they are different.
  2. With the global navigation implemented Interactions with concierge have doubled.