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Soy Edgar Chaparro a Product Designer based in San Francisco. I like to snowboard, pick up heavy objects, and guacamole…. Lots of Guacamole. 

About Me

As a Creative, I have had the opportunity to work across multiple disciplines. Ultimately this led to my love for product where I have found my home as a designer. Currently, I lead design at Zenput. I also post on dribbble from time to time or unsplash. Have questions just ask! 

Zenput Mobile Dash
Zenput Mobile is all about getting work done. Here people are able to get an overview of what tasks they have as well as the ability to find forms such as audits, inspections, and ad-hoc scenarios such as incident reports. We rethought everything when it came to mobile focusing on bringing the best experience for all of our users.
Zenput Form Builder 

Zenput allows retailers to coordinate everything from daily store checklists to nationwide rollouts while ensuring quality control across all their locations. See How we redesigned our builder to fit our user’s needs. 

Stayful IOS Global Navigation
Stayful is a marketplace for independent and boutique hotels. In order to synchronize UX for users we restructured the app into a global navigation allowing us to better tell the Stayful story. 
Stayful Homepage
One of the challenges that the company faced was updating their web experience. Being mindful of high performing features of the site we redesigned and optimized the homepage. 
Stayful Portal
Stayful offered a backend portal to hotel partners. One of the challenges was to create a network that not only looked and felt great but functioned the way hotels needed. 
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